Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So I have to say, that this terrible twos thing is ROUGH!! The few moments of Beckham being such a cute little thing are what keep him alive :) Here is one of those, "I guess I can keep you alive for a little while longer" moments :)

If he struggled or fell he would say, "I sorry," or "Oh NO!"
He was being pretty dang cute!
His little leg would get so far behind the scooter,
but he was still doing so good!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Beckham's friend party was at Jumpin Jacks this year. It turned out so fun!! All the kids had so much fun!

Beckham giving Addy loves

Caden and Koda

Brandt and Halley

Beckham and Brody



Wes and Hayden



Mommy and her boys

Opening presents

He loved all his stuff!!

Grandpa and Daddy

Clay, Grandpa and Stockton

Stockton on his first ride

Little Jealous!

Come downstairs one day to see B swinging in Stockton's swing! Too funny!


Here are a few pictures of Stockton's Blessing. We didn't get too many it was so crazy!! I have a few more I need to get from Tami

All dressed up

Chasing him around trying to get a picture with his tie on

Got one!!
Isn't he a stud!

Beckham LOVES doing anything daddy does,
even if that means wearing a tie!

The fam (after Russ changed)
I wasn't too happy about that
Oh, well

Nikki and Stockton

Me and Jenn

Kylee, Jodi and Grandma

Jenn and Stockton


We are always looking for something fun to do with our families, so this time we decided to go to the Gateway and eat at the Skybox. They have a game room and it was $2 for all the games you wanted. The boys had so much fun! The dads, well, let's just say they are just little boys too!

Brody and Beckham driving the cars

Caden on the motorcycle

Russ and Beckham on the motorcycle

Russ and Beckham on the horse game

Beckham trying so hard to play the gun game
Seriously, why is my 2 year old obsessed with guns?

If daddy plays basketball so must B :)


Bowling with my mom's side of the family and a few pictures of Christmas Day.

Grandma and Stockton

Grandpa and Beckham

Sleepy Stockton

Our little Family

Beckham and Brooklyn

What a little stud!

Beckham LOVED bowling!!

Beckham on his powered 4-wheeler

Love the sippy

Stockton in his Christmas outfit

All the cousins in their
shirts from grandma :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here is a link the blog of the best photographers ever! Also, they are doing some giveaways this month, so check out their link to find out how. While you are at it check out their amazing pictures!! I also have a link on my side bar to their website, it's got some great stuff!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Need a Good Laugh??

If you want a good laugh, watch this video of Russ and Beckham watching the Utah game! Sorry its shaky, I was laughing so hard I was crying. It's about a minute long, but you got to watch it to the end :) Enjoy!

Some Christmas Fun

Stockton in his new Santa Jammies

Stockton in my favorite Jammies
He is so snuggly!!

Me and B waiting for Santa!


What a little mischievious face! I know he
is thinking about what trouble he can
get into and still get his presents from Santa!

Santa brought him a puzzle. It's for 3 and older, but he can
put all 26 pieces where they go all by himself!!
Smarty Pants!

Waiting in the cold to go on the Christmas Cruise

Beckham and Brody
Two little trouble makers!

Daddy and Beckham

So funny, these two rug rats were trying
to pick up rocks but couldn't because of their
gloves. They were getting so mad!

On the boat!

This star is only have a star, the other half
is just the reflection in the water.
Kinda cool!

Santa came on a canoe to give the
boysand girls a treat!